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Interesting facts about programming

13 December, 2022

Interesting facts about programming

We have collected the most interesting facts about programming and programmers for you.


1. Did you know that in addition to the official programmer's day (September 13 - "Programmer's Day"), there are also holidays that they celebrate, for example, the day of the system administrator (sysadmin) (the last Friday of July), the day of computer specialists (February 14), web- programmer's day (April 4). Do not forget to congratulate those who dedicated themselves to these difficult professions on their special days.


2. There are about 8500 programming languages in the world (yes, yes, that's it), but the number of the most used languages is a little more than 10. This is due to low demand and, as a result, poor sales of the product, inability to find a language with language creators, and various defects. Many people think and comment like this: Pascal and DELPHI – led! In general, the best programming language is considered to be one in which you can write something more meaningful than Hello World.


3. Did you know that the first IT specialist was a woman - British Ada Lovelace? It was she who wrote the algorithm for the analytic aggregator (that is, the ancestor of the modern computer) in the 19th century. This machine was an innovation of its time and could solve Bernoulli's equation, that is, calculate the law of conservation of energy in the motion of a fluid. Unaware that he was starting a major IT movement, Ada actually developed a series of operations to solve the problem, which is software writing.


4. Sometimes when people hear that you're a programmer, they think you can do almost anything - from fixing computers to writing software, they come up with an incredible variety of requests that are not related to the specialization of a programmer. They offer everything - setting up the Internet on a phone or fixing a tablet, even fixing a vacuum cleaner and a TV. Remember that each person has their own specialization differences, including programmers.


5. Currently on the Internet "Create your own website in 15 minutes without programmers and designers!" headlines are common. Many newbie webmasters are fooled by this and suffer from it. Games, videos and various scripts with many effects begin to appear on the site. Well, what next? And at this time, you can't do without programmers: either the script crashes, or the program is not installed correctly. You know, it's too early to rule out programmers.


6. No matter what changes happen in the world, the profession of programmer will always be in demand. But how to identify a good programmer? Let's list some positive criteria that distinguish a good programmer from a mere programmer:


Follows technological innovations;
Work brings joy and resembles a hobby;
In addition to being able to create ideas, he also transmits them to others;
He has his own project, not one, but several;
He keeps up with the times, constantly continues to learn;
He is persistent, persistent and even stubborn in achieving his plan;
Always looking for a new way to solve problems;
Besides expressing his thoughts correctly, he is able to listen. A competent expert who is able to convince shows the example;
Has a good experience in the field of programming and therefore has a decent result;
Has a broad outlook in various fields;
Able to work in a team.

7. The world's most famous programmers: the Hungarian-American mathematician John von Neumann, associated with the architecture of the most modern computers, the computer's memory programs and data storage are associated with his name. Brothers Boris and Sergey Nuraliyev created the 1C accounting program in 1992, and Alcor LLC undertook the installation of the 1C server. Björn Straustrup is the author of C++ programming language, one of the most widely used programming languages. Linus Torvalds created Linux - the GNU/Linux operating system, currently the most popular of the free operating systems. Bill Gates forever entered the history of computer technology as the founder and largest shareholder of Microsoft technology. Yevgeny Kaspersky - Russian programmer, information security specialist, the largest shareholder and one of the founders of "Kaspersky Lab" CJSC. Ilya Segalovich - one of the founders of the Yandex search company. Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of the world famous and extremely popular social network Facebook. Pavel Durov - co-founder of the VKontakte social network. Igor Danilov is a Russian programmer, author of the famous Dr. Web antivirus, technical director and founder of the company.