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SMM service

SMM service

Social media marketing is one of the most effective advertising models of today and the future. That's why SMM service is highly regarded by well-known brands worldwide. Minimal advertising costs and maximum visibility are the main features of this type of advertising. As an SMM company, we find the most suitable people for your products on social platforms instead of reaching a general audience with your ads. For example, if you own a children's clothing store, we will show your ads to married or parenting individuals. This will save you extra budget. The difference between us and other SMM companies is that our focus is not only on social media but also on strengthening the overall marketing activities of businesses. Advertising activities on various platforms usually allow us to reach our goals more quickly.

Our SMM service includes the management of your social media accounts, the creation of professional pages, content creation, paid advertising, professional photo and video shooting, and more. It involves relative management or full responsibility for managing the accounts. The price of the SMM service may vary depending on the volume of work to be done on social media accounts. However, generally, during the SMM service, the following tasks can be potentially performed:

Management of Social Media Accounts

  1. Evaluation of your business based on international and local company examples and the development of a specific SMM plan accordingly;
  2. Creation and management of business accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube platforms;
  3. Preparation of professional profile, cover, and slogan images for social media accounts;
  4. Addition of relevant information about your business to your accounts;
  5. Creation, design, and placement of sections related to the services you offer;
  6. Addition, design, placement of information, and maximum effective use of features for your products and services on each social media platform during the SMM service;
  7. Preliminary agreement on the number of posts with customers;
  8. Use of professionally designed images and videos in posts;
  9. Preparation of video clips in various formats, including slideshows, 2D and 3D animations, and professional narration;
  10. Inclusion of Russian and English languages in posts;
  11. Creation of special posts for holidays and other special occasions;
  12. Free advertising on an Instagram page with an audience of 100,000;
  13. Acquisition of high-quality and completely unique images from paid sites at a reasonable price;
  14. Increased follower count on social media accounts by the SMM agency through various means;
  15. Inclusion of contact information in all posts;
  16. Preparation of concise, informative, creative, and professional posts about your company and services;
  17. Increasing interactivity on the page and including posts that will pique people's interest;
  18. Attracting and targeting the right audience for your posts;
  19. Development and management of campaigns aimed at reaching a broader audience and engaging their interest;
  20. Application of an automatic response system for incoming inquiries, followed by responding or forwarding them;
  21. Professional photo and video shooting with a 4K camera, application of various effects, and editing;
  22. Monthly reports on activities carried out during the month.


Advertising on Social Media Accounts

  1. Determination of appropriate advertising formats for your business and target audience;
  2. Writing relevant and attention-grabbing text for the ad content;
  3. Determination of the target audience suitable for your business during the SMM service;
  4. Utilization of Cross-Marketing, Lookalike, Retargeting, Custom Audience, etc. elements for strategic purposes during advertising (Unlike many SMM companies, we do not consider SMM as merely the designer's preparation of images or videos in various formats and the SMM manager sharing them);
  5. Addition of relevant buttons for more effective results of the ads;
  6. Effective management of your advertising budget;
  7. Monthly reports on the results of our advertising services.


It is worth noting that using the services mentioned above will provide you with the following advantages:

  1. A wide audience will be informed about your company;
  2. By communicating with your target audience, you will build trust in them;
  3. You will be memorable to people who use social media and they will easily remember you when needed;
  4. You can increase the number of users who visit your website and social media accounts;
  5. You can directly obtain information from your customers about their offers, complaints, and expectations regarding your services and products;
  6. You will be more competitive with rival companies;
  7. And finally, by increasing sales volume, you will also increase your income.